Recommended devices

Our mobile app is available for both iOS (App Storeand Android (Google Play). While our application works on most iOS and Android devices, we strongly recommend one of the following. We generally do not recommend devices sold ruggedized, as they are slow to update, but please make sure to ruggedize your device with an OtterBox case or similar!

For the Apple iOS platform:

  • Phones (operating minimum iOS 13+)
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone X, XR
    • iPhone 11 or later
  • Tablets:
    • 🌟Any iPad on iOS 13 or later ($329+)
    • iPad Mini ($399+)

For the Android platform (operating minimum os version of 8.0 Oreo or higher):

  • Phones:
    • Any Google Pixel phones
    • Samsung Galaxy S9 or later
    • 🌟Cat S61 ($690)
    • Pixel 4a,
    • Samsung Galaxy A71 
  • Tablets:
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 or newer


We continue to see issues with the following devices. They are not well made and should be avoided at all cost:

  • Samsung A series tablets
  • Samsung Galaxy A02s
  • Alcatel tablets
  • Any devices without autofocus
  • Any devices without a rear-facing camera
  • Devices with < 2GB of RAM
  • Devices with < 16GB of storage


If you are buying a new device and need further assistance, please email